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Hot Hot Hot weather = patchy dead grass . . . Answer . . . Verde Artificial Grass

The UK is enjoying some lovely weather at the moment with temperatures in the high 20�s. Where we love the hot weather, giving us lots of time outside, our lawns are suffering, and are likely to sufferer even more in the coming months if this weather continues. The Environment Agency is warning residents in the North West of England that the area is at risk of drought unless there is substantial rainfall in the next two months. Reservoirs in the region are expected to fall further than their already low levels during July and August. But it is not just the North West, in spite of the large amount of snow over the winter, much of the country has recorded below average rainfall for each month so far. The Environment Agency has said that the reservoir levels in the Lake District are declining at a rate that is similar to the 1995/96 drought. This was when there was a national hosepipe ban. Lawns are still trying to recover from the bad winter with all the snow and ice but they haven�t got a chance with the hot weather killing it off. If the hosepipe ban come in place then the lawns are going to get worse and worse, creating an eyesore out side the back of your house. One easy was to rectify this is to invest in some Verde Artificial Grass for your lawn. With an artificial turf lawn you will have a green lawn 365 days a year – unaffected by both the hot, scorching summer weather and the freezing snowy winters. Synthetic grass is furthermore low maintenance so when the weather is nice you can enjoy your free time relaxing in your garden having fun rather than wasting your time weeding, mowing, watering etc. Give us a call now for free samples and information to help you transform your garden into a beautiful lush lawn 365 days a year.

01 July 2010