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Pathway Installation Instructions

Verdeturf and Super Verdegrass are easy for the Greenkeeper to install meaning costs are kept to a minimum, just follow these simple steps . . .

  1. Remove mud or soft earth from areas to be surfaced. A maximum depth of 100mm should be sufficient.
  2. Re-establish levels using crushed aggregate, 25mm to dust or similar. If the path edge is to be defined, tanalised timber and stakes should be incorporated at this point.
  3. Compact the aggregate with a plate compactor or roller. Dress the surface with fine aggregate, 5mm to dust or coarse sand, to achieve final levels and compact again.
  4. Fit Verdeturf or Super Verdegrass artificial grass. Cutting from the back side with a sharp Stanley knife will provide a neat finish. Large scissors may be used as a last resort.
  5. When a timber edge has been incorporated, the artificial grass should be fixed to the outer edge of the timber using 25mm galvanised clout nails. When the artificial surface is adjacent to natural turf it is usually neater and simpler to install without timber edging. SimplY fix the artificial grass into the grass surround or unbound base holding in place with 150mm galvanised nails.
  6. Instruction 6 & 7 are only applicable when installing Verdeturf. Brush dry silica sand (approximately 20kg/sq.metre) into the pile of the artificial grass using a bass broom. Fill to the top of the pile, brushing against the pile direction.
  7. After settlement, usually after first rain, the sand level will fall approximately 2 or 3mm leaving a natural green appearance. At this point either additional sand can be added or any excess sand can now be redistributed.
  8. Should Super Verdegrass be installed over a bound base, such as concrete or tarmac, we strongly recommend the use of our Verde Grass-Bond all-weather adhesive. The adhesive should be applied directly to a dry, clean, sub-base prior to the grass being rolled out. Only apply the adhesive to a few metres at once as it has an extremely quick drying time.