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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 3 - Cancada Heights - 2017


The 3rd round of the ACU Maxxis British Motocross Championship was at the popular Kent track, Canada Heights.  With Jake Nicholls taken out of the running due to injury, it has left the MX1 Championship wide open between 10 riders.  However, by the end of this last weekend it has been narrowed down to just 5 riders that will probably have any chance of finishing top 3 in the Championship and Brad Anderson is one of those riders.


Canada Heights is a popular track and it always attracts a good crowd and this weekend was no exception.  The paddock was packed with more spectators there than at any of the other British Rounds so far this season.  The track was pretty slippery in places for the qualifications as the anticipated rain didn’t arrive.  A lot of minor crashes made it difficult to get a fast lap in so it was left to both experience and a little bit of luck of the draw.


Jake managed to find some good lines but was unable to string together a fabulous full lap.  But he wasn’t the only one, so he managed to finish with a top 10 time which gave him 10th gate pick for the day.


Brad’s qualification was very messy.  There were so many people coming off that it was near impossible to get a decent clear run.  But as Brad said; ‘it was the same for everyone’.  Brad’s best time was in his 6th lap and he managed to secure 7th gate pick for the day, with a lap a good second quicker than anyone else below him.

Race 1:


Jake got an excellent jump out the gate and scooted up the hill in the top 5. There was a big pile up on the 2nd bend and Jake got caught up in it and put him back towards the back.  Jake gave it his all and pulled through from something like 25th into 14th place.  He was really on form and then his brake pedal caught on a down hiller and broke clean off, obviously weakened from the initial pile up.  The track was very rough and Jake had little control without his brake on a track like this and he had no option to finish the race in a very disappointing 32nd place, with no points when he desperately needed some.


Brad came round the first corner in 2nd and then shot up the hill on the Verde KTM ahead of Irwin on the Buildbase Honda.  Irwin then round a way through, closely followed by Elliot Banks-Browne, Lenoir and Krestinov, which left Brad to battle it out with Whatley for 5th.  Soon after Whatley went through he hit a bad line which threw him from the bike, resulting in a red flag situation, a very unfortunate Kristian Whatley and the race been called final after just half way through.  This left Brad with 5th place position for Race 2.

Race 2:


Another excellent start for Millward 303, fast out the gate and round the 2nd bend in 3rd.  It was a fast race.  The track has become like a speedway with sharp edges.  Jake’s shoulders ached as he held on tight on this tough track.  His speed started to slow but he was still strong and he finished 9th in Moto 2.


It was all about the starts for the Verde KTM’s this weekend and Brad’s second race was no exception.  Ando hole shot and held on to his 1st place for a good few laps. Krestinov was on form this weekend and he managed to push past as soon as he found a gap.  Brad managed to repeatedly block out Lenoir but the nippy French man finally passed, followed shortly by Elliot Banks-Browne.  Brad was not for letter Elliot get away and he pressurised him hard throughout the whole race.  Lots of yellow flags made it difficult to race at full speed and limited passing opportunity but it was a good fair race and Brad came home in 4th place in Moto 2.



Despite excellent starts Jake just didn’t achieve the results that he so desperately needed, after round 2.  His unfortunate brake damage in race one resulted in a no point finish and race 2 just didn’t go to plan.  So a 32 – 9, giving Jake a 16th overall does not show the ability that this rider is capable of.  This leaves Jake going into Round 4 at Hawkstone Park on the 14th May, sitting in 13th place in the Championship.  Jake rides well at Hawkstone so hopefully he will recover enough points there to take him back into the top 10.


Brad finally had some excellent starts this weekend and had two good consistent rides.  With a 5-4, finishing 4th overall, this leaves Brad sitting in 4th in the Championship, 6 points ahead of Elliot Banks-Browne but still 12 points behind 3rd place.  Hawkstone however, is also one of Brad’s favourite tracks so if things go to plan , Brad will close the gap on that 3rd place finish at the next round.

Quote from Jake Millward:

Gutted about my brake lever snapping in the first race.  I had pushed so hard to come from the back.  I was chuffed with my starts today but the track took it out of me today and I really ached in race 2 making it hard to hang on.

Quote form Brad Anderson:

Good starts today made racing a lot easier.  I had two solid results with a 5 – 4 giving me 4th overall.  With Whatley and Nicholls out for most of the season it is going to be a close battle between 5 of us to get those top 3 championship places which are up for grabs.

Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

It has been a disappointing start to the season and today was no exception.  Jake rode well in his first race and Brad was consistently good throughout but the results aren’t quite where we anticipated being going into Round 4. Let’s hope things will turn from now on.  Some good tracks ahead where we have had excellent results.  Hawkstone, Dessert Martin and Preston Docks are definitely 3 favourites for both riders.

01 May 2017