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Michelin MX Nationals - Round 1 - Preston Docks 2015

Michelin MX Nationals - Round 1 - Preston Docks 2015

What a great start to the Michelin MX Nationals, at our home track, Preston Docks,  It was a lovely sunny weekend and the track was awesome.  It had been well prepared with a few changes added and a brand new start straight.  Over the weekend we would see the Fastest 40 Pro Motocross Riders in the UK, compete against each other, with both MX1 and MX2 in the same race.

Free Practice:  

Towards the back end of Saturday afternoon the Pro's went out for an optional free practice  The sand track was deeply rutted making it tough for newcomers to this demanding circuit.

MX2 - Jake took exceptionally well to it, flying round at such a pace, putting in consistent lap times and finally achieving the 2nd fastest lap out of all the scored MX2 and MX1 riders.

MX1 - Josh on the other hand was a newcomer to Preston Docks and found the deep sand hard to get used to.

Sunday Pro Qualifying:

With the tack having been graded over night, it was totally different from the evening before. 

MX2 - Jake once again took well to sand, flying round and hitting the jumps with confidence.  His laps were fast and consistent and on his last lap he pushed through to be the 6th fastest MX2 and the 12th fastest overall and gate pick.

MX1 - Josh set off in good form, all over the back of one of the fastest lads.  Then unfortunately, just 3 straights into his first fast lap Josh cartwheeled the bike and took a big crash.  With the front end of the bike slightly twisted he still managed to put in a reasonable lap time, finished the 12th fastest MX1 but only 18th gate pick.

Race 1:

An excellent start for both Jake and Josh coming through the pit area in 8th and 9th respectively.  They both rode extremely well and at one point were in 7th and 9th, in this stacked pack.

MX2 - Jake held tight throughout the race going between 7th to 8th all the way through until MX rider Graeme Irwin passed him on the last lap, giving Jake 9th overall but finished 3rd MX2 rider home, with only Sterry and Lenoir before him.

MX1 - Josh had a good start coming round in 6th position, but the first few laps weren't great and he dropped back a fair bit.  But then Josh found a rhythm and he started to pick the riders off one by one throughout this 35 minute race finally finishing 7th MX1 rider and 11th overall.

Race 2:

Well this was an excellent race for Verde Sports Racing with both riders doing us proud.

MX2 - Jake had a pretty good start, rounding the first corner in the top 10.  But it was a hard race.  The MX1 riders were dominating the race but Jake wasn't fazed.  Jake kept all but two MX2 riders at bay until the very last lap.  He was neck and neck with Eccles throughout the whole of the last lap and Jake just managed to make his pass on the final jump by the Chequered Flag, securing him 2nd Place for this MX2 race and overall 2nd MX2 for the weekend.

MX1 - Josh got an awesome drop out the gate and pulled a big holeshot. He pushed hard and kept the lead for just over a lap before Whatley managed to pass him. Josh wasn't fazed when a few of the other big names made their move as it was a pretty stacked class and he was still buzzing from his holeshot. His adrenalin pushed him forward and his pace picked up again towards the end of the race, finishing 7th MX1 and 7th overall MX1 for the weekend.


What an excellent weekend for the team.  The results were exceptional with a 2nd and a 7th overall.  What a good start to the Michelin MX Nationals series and a no other then Verde Sports Racing's home track, Preston Docks and to crown it all, Verde had sponsored this event.  We are so pleased with both our riders, Jake Millward and Josh Spinks for bringing home such good results.  We all finished the weekend on a high.

Quote from Jake Millward:

This was my first ever Pro Podium.  2nd overall.  Brilliant feeling.  I am still peaking now.

Quote from Josh Spinks:

Felt awesome to pull an holeshot and lead for over a lap at Preston Docks. This was my first MX Nationals and I enjoyed the event. Can't wait till the next round at my favourite track, Foxhills, where hopefully I will push into the top 5.

Quote from the Team:

A massive thank you to the organisers of MX Nationals for putting on such a well run event and a big thank you to Lee McGarry for preparing the track to provide some excellent racing at this time of year. The team finished the weekend in high spirits, with excellent results from both riders. A perfect start to the MX Nationals series.




25 March 2015