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MX Nationals - Round 2 - Lyng 2017


This weekend the 2nd Round of the MX Nationals took us back to Lyng in Norfolk.  The track got very rough on the Saturday but prior to Sundays racing, it was graded and good to go.  Beneath the top layer of sand the track was still very hard and therefore extremely quick and a little slippery in places.  With a top line up of Pro Riders, this made good racing which was entertaining to watch.


Sunday turned out to be a dry, cold windy day.  The Pro’s were out first with the MX1 and MX2 classes out together.

MX 2

Jake was relaxed and rode well.  He got a fabulous lap in early on and moved straight up the ladder into 2nd quickest MX2 and 7th fastest overall.  He got a good few fast laps in again but it was his 2nd lap that secured him his gate pick for the day being the 2nd fastest MX2 in qualification. 


Brad’s qualification wasn’t quite as good.  He didn’t managed to get a good clear run and the track became quite slippery.  Brad settled for 8th MX1 with lap 6 being his quickest.  Brad always races better than he qualifies.

Race 1:


Jake’s start wasn’t as easy with all the MX1 riders lined up on the same gate.  He came round the first lap in fifth behind Brad Todd, Josh Gilbert, Jay Hague and Mel Pocock.  Jay crashed and Jake moved into forth, closing on Mel.  Then Jake made a mistake and slipped back to fifth.  Todd, Pocock and Gilbert were pushing each other hard at the front and Jake couldn’t close the gap quite enough on Hague.  So Jake finished Moto 1 in 5th.


Brad got a cracking start coming up the straight with the top few MX1s.  Irwin, Elliot and Shipton were positioned better on the approach to the bend and cut in front of Brad pushing him into fourth.  Half way through the race Krestinov got through and charged forward and Shipton crashed out of the race.  Brad still in forth started to get arm pump as he chased hard behind Elliot.  He closed a couple of times but couldn’t quite get close enough to make a difference.  So Brad finished fourth in Moto 1.

Race 2:


Jakes start wasn’t too bad but he was still mid pack because of all the MX1 bikes.  He was sitting in 5th for the first half of the race behind Todd, Pocock, Tombs and Gilbert.  He was close on the tail of Gilbert, then finally found a gap through to take him into 4th place.  He was riding well and was making headway towards Tombs when he hit the lip of an uphill jump which spun the back end round and shot Jake off hard.  He landed on his head.  He got up very shakily but was determined on finishing the last few laps of the race for points.  He rode round extremely cautious to finish in 14th for 7 points.


Brads gate didn’t drop and he was left sat on the line whilst everybody else took off up the start straight.  He was totally at the back behind 30 MX1 and MX2 riders.  Irwin and Krestinov had got a clean break so it was going to be extremely hard for Brad to gain any ground to catch them.  One by one angry Brad picked off the riders and got into 9th place overall and 7th MX1.  Not enough time to get past Law, Shipton and Elliot and no way he was able to catch Irwin, Krestinov and Barr. So unhappy Brad had to settle for a 7th place finish in Moto 2.



With a 5 – 14 this gave Jake a 10th overall.  Not ideal.  He had rode a good race in Moto 2 but the unfortunate crash cost him his championship standings and he has slid down to 4th place behind Pocock, Todd and Gilbert.


With a 4 – 7 this gave Brad a 5th overall.  If he hadn’t got stuck on the gate he would probably have finished either 4th or 5th.   Brad now sits 5th in the championship, without the gate issue he would have been sitting in 4th ahead of Krestinov.  This Championship is like the British; 5 top contenders all fighting for the 3 top spots.

Quote from Jake Millward:

I got a good time in quali and thought I was going to have a good days racing.  I made a couple of mistakes in the first race so only finished fifth.  In race 2 I got my act together and thought I was riding well but then I had a big off over a jump and banged my head.  I didn’t want to lose points as I was in 2nd in the Championship so I carried on and finished the race at a cautious pace.  I am now in 4th place in the Championship so I will need to have a good one at the next round to get back to where I belong.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

Not the best weekends I've had. 4th in first race. Not too bad considering arm pump.  In race 2 I changed my setup on my bike.  Felt fired up and the gate didn't drop and I went straight in to it.  So I was last one away.  Came back to 7th witch I am not happy with but at least I am in one piece ready for next weekend at Hawkstone British. 

Quote from A. Kirk:

There are some good riders in this series this year so every round is going to be close.  Both Brad and Jake rode well in their second race but luck just wasn’t to be.  Brad’s gate didn’t drop and although he rode hard to pull back the odds were against him on such a fast track.  Jake was gaining a lot of ground in his second race when he hit the lip of a jump that spat him off.  The next few rounds are some of our rider’s favourites so let’s hope that they managed to turn things around and get the results that we know they are both capable of.


09 May 2017