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MX Nationals - Round 2 - Pontrilas 2016


The second Round of the MX Nationals finally arrived at the weekend, at a new venue, Pontrilas down in Hereford.   As the team set up on the Saturday, the weather was scorching hot, making the track very hard and rough.  However over night the heavens opened, causing slippery, tacky mud to cover the track.  So there was a delay, the track got graded and soon dried out.


Both riders out together in a line-up of 36 Pro’s, 18 MX1 and 18 MX2.  The track was still very wet and tacky to start with and it needed the Pro’s fast paced riding to dry it.  Getting a clear run was hard, with riders slipping all over.  

MX 1 – In lap 5, Brad put in a quick lap, just as the track started to dry out.  3rd gate pick was good start to the day. 

MX 2 – Jake struggled to get a clear run, but got a good quick lap in lap 7, thought he was sorted, but all the rest of the MX2’s also put a quick lap in towards the end, as the ground was drier and not as slippery.  Jake ended up with 12th place MX2, but 28th gate pick.

Race 1:

By the first race the track had dried out and was getting pretty fast.

MX 1 – Brad didn’t get a good start and rounded the first few corners in at least 8th.  He dug deep, pushed hard and had soon moved into 2nd place with Elliott Banks Brown up front.  Then no sooner had Brad moved into 2nd, Elliott made a mistake allowing Brad to make his pass and take the lead, Elliott then had a mechanical and retired from the race.   Brad charged out front for a good few laps until Irwin started to close.  They battled for a lap before Irwin found a good line and moved up into first place.  Brad settled for a comfortable 2nd place with Whatley some distance behind in 3rd.

MX 2 – Jake got a terrible start, way at the back of the pack, on a very one liney track.  He was 25th rider out the gate which made it a tough race to move forward in.  He rode hard and held Banks off all through the race and started to close down on Knight in front, but just could not catch him in time.  Three MX2 riders got penalised for cutting a corner short which allowed Jake to come home 9th MX2.

Race 2:

MX 1 – Brad got out of the gate handy and turned the bend in 2nd behind Josh Spinks.  Josh held his own for a couple of laps before Brad made his move and took off from there.  Nobody could catch Ando this time.  A few small changes to the bike and Ando more or less back to full fitness, meant that he rode a good solid race up front, looking strong and enjoying it.  Elliot Banks Brown, Graeme Irwin and Christian Whatley all chased hard from behind but with the track now hard, rough and rutted meant nobody got anywhere close.  So Brad finished this 2nd Moto in 1st place, which not only made him 1st overall for the day but he took the lead in the championship and the red place from Graeme Irwin.

MX 2 - A terrible start getting out the gate way back in 29th.  The track just was not for him and he struggled getting his head round it, but he had a good solid ride, made very few mistakes and managed a 7th MX2 finish to score some points to keep him in the top 10.  So now 9th overall for the day and 7th overall in the championship.


MX1 - Overall it was an excellent days racing for Brad Anderson, put him firmly back where he belongs at the top.   With his fitness and confidence back and the bike just how he likes it who knows what he might achieve at Hawkstone, in the Maxxis, in 2 weeks’ time.

MX 2 Not such a good overall day for Jake as he just did not seem to get on with the tack all day.  But no bike issues, no crashes, just some solid riding and some points scored.  His next rides are at Hawkstone and Dunns, tracks more up his street so hopefully the results he deserves will come before the end of the month.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

Bikes spot on, just how I like it.  Backs feeling better, felt good riding today.  Looking forward to getting back training this week.

Quote from Jake Millward:

Good solid days riding.  Did not really get on with the track but scored points and stayed in the top 10.

Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

Good ride from both riders on a tough challenging track.  Both riders gave 100% as always.

20 May 2016