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MX Nationals- Round 3 Whitby

MX Nationals- Round 3 Skelder Bank Whitby 03/05/14

MX Nationals - Round 3

This weekend saw the new race format at the MX Nationals UK.  They no longer run the MX1 and MX2 class together to create a fastest 40 format.  The 2 classes are now split to create 2 main Pro groups. This made for much better racing and attracted a high level of competition for the 250 races. 


Qualifying :
After injuring his scaphoid last weekend practicing, Matty took it easy in both free practice and qualifying.  He was getting frustrated with the weakness of his hand and lack of strength to hold on, but he plugged away and put in some steady laps to qualify 20th gate pick for the main race.  

Race 1 :

The race started well for Matty, coming round the first corner mid pack.  But as the riders came into the second corner someone clipped Matty's back wheel, throwing him off his rhythm.  He pushed on through the race with some good lap times but his hand weakened as the race progressed making for a painful last few laps, bringing his Verde Sports KTM home in 18th place.
Team Decision :
After the first race finished the team decided that Matty should sit Sunday out and give his scaphoid time to recover.  It had rained Saturday night making the track slippery.  One little off could have caused much more damage to his hand and put him out of action for much longer.  So disappointing to see Mathew left watching the racing once again.  

Quote From Matty :
I am so annoyed that a stupid crash practicing last week has wrecked my weekend!  I really wanted to ride on Sunday, but I know I need to get back to full strength and at the moment I cant push as hard as I know I am capable of. 
Quote from Team manager Adrian Kirk :

We have to think about Matty long term.  Right now he is not fit to compete at this level.  He needs to mend his hand, get fully fit and come back showing everyone what we all know he is capable of.  A week off the bike, then a solid week of practicing and a competitive come back, hopefully in time for the next British at Canada Heights.


08 May 2014